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Autumn Sailing
September 28, 2016

The summer has flown by. We had lots of visitors from all parts of the globe. And some special guests—whales in the bay! As we head into fall, the winds become steadier and the weather becomes warmer. This is one of the best times of the year for sailing in San Francisco Bay. A private sailing charter is the perfect venue for a special event—birthday party, anniversary celebration, romantic marriage proposal—and an ideal way to entertain family and friends. Our sightseeing sailing charters are always spectacular and unique. See all the special sights, including Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco and Sausalito waterfronts. We have two beautiful sailboats to choose from. Hope to sail with you soon.

Happy New Year!
January 13, 2016
It's 2016 and the beginning of what promises to be another great sailing year. We've had many days of much-needed rain, but we have still done several sailing charters on San Francisco Bay. It's really quite exciting to sneak out between storms and ride the north winds while sailing out under the Golden Gate Bridge. Sunset cruises on the bay continue to be a favorite due to the unusual display of colors this time of year. The New Year’s Eve fireworks sail was also spectacular. I hope you will join us and experience the beauty and excitement of a sailing cruise on this magnificent bay.
Captain Chuck
Sailing Through the Holidays
December 4, 2015
Here it is December, and we’re still sailing on San Francisco Bay. The clear, crisp air makes the views even more spectacular. The sunset cruises under the Golden Gate Bridge continue to be unusually breathtaking as the sun moves further to the south. It is the season of giving, and a gift certificate for a private sailing charter on San Francisco Bay is unique and always greatly appreciated. You can even get one for yourself. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. 

Captain Chuck
November Sailing
November 18, 2015
Except for a couple days of much-needed rain, the weather for sailing on San Francisco Bay continues to be spectacular. We are seeing huge flocks of cormorants as well as lots of very friendly harbor porpoises following the boat as we sail toward the Golden Gate Bridge. The sunset sailing tours have been particularly beautiful because the sun is moving to the south, producing unusually bright colors as it dips into the ocean. Many people are scheduling private sailing charters for the holidays so they can show visiting relatives one of the most beautiful sailing venues in the world. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Captain Chuck
Sea Life Returns to the Bay
September 3, 2015
Sailing out of Sausalito recently, we’ve seen an enormous number of seals—many more than usual. They seem to be enjoying the abundance of anchovies and herring to feast on. They’re as friendly as ever as we pass by their favorite sunning hangouts. And they’re looking quite plump. In addition to the seals, we’ve had a lot of whale sightings just outside the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a rare treat to see so many of these amazing creatures so unusually close to San Francisco Bay. We are looking forward to showing these spectacular sights to our many sailing charter guests this coming Labor Day weekend.
Captain Chuck
Spectacular Sailing Weather
August 26, 2015
The weather on San Francisco Bay has been exceptional this season. Lots of blue sky and warm days. Probably the best summer weather in at least ten years. Sailing charters are truly an exciting and unique way of seeing San Francisco Bay. Nothing can match the thrill of sailing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. More whales sited today off of Muir Beach. Look for pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Captain Chuck
It’s Whale Season!
June 25, 2015
Sailing charters on San Francisco Bay have become even more interesting because of the unusually large number of whale sightings right outside the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a privilege to see these magnificent animals up close. Ships passing through the area have been advised to slow down to avoid harming the whales as they migrate. Another exciting event coming soon on San Francisco Bay is the annual 4th of July fireworks show. It is always a breathtaking display. Belle Colette is currently still available if you would like to see the fireworks while sailing on the bay.
Sailboats on the Bay
May 13, 2015
It’s been a great week of sailing on San Francisco Bay. There was a dentists’ convention in town, and several attendees took the opportunity to come out with us and enjoy the grandeur of our beautiful bay. Their instructions on proper flossing techniques were timely as we then had many birthday parties on both Wild Streak and Belle Colette (and lots of chocolate cake shared with the captains). A sailing charter is a great way to celebrate most anything: anniversary, job promotion—graduation. In fact, June is right around the corner, and a sailing gift certificate is a thoughtful and unique graduation gift.
It Is Officially Boating Season
April 30, 2015
Sunday was Opening Day on the Bay, and we are off to a great start for the 2015 sailing season. The weather has been fully cooperative, with blue skies and nice afternoon winds. San Francisco Bay is such a spectacular venue for sailing charters. There is so much to see: Angel Island, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge—just to name a few. If you go out for a sunset cruise, you get to see San Francisco, Sausalito, and the bridges light up as night falls. Whether you prefer a quiet morning or evening cruise or a brisk afternoon sail, you will find it here.
Sailing Charters on SF Bay—What a Way to Spend the Day!
February 26, 2015
It’s a great time to be on the water. San Francisco Bay is teeming with new life. Baby seals and sea lions abound, and there have even been some whale sightings under the Golden Gate Bridge and near Angel Island. Sailing on SF Bay is spectacular and popular as always. In the past week, we’ve had guests from England, France, and New York, as well as many thrill seekers from the Bay Area. Plan to sail the Bay with us soon.
Summer of Love
August 20, 2014
It is well past spring, but love is certainly still in the air. In addition to our regular sailing charters, we had four marriage proposals and three anniversary celebrations on Wild Streak last week, as well as two incredible birthday parties and an anniversary celebration aboard Belle Colette. Sailing on San Francisco Bay is truly a unique and wonderful way to celebrate any occasion. As the end of summer approaches, we are looking forward to the beautiful weather we always experience sailing on SF Bay in the fall.
Hope you'll be joining us.
Captain Chuck
Summer Update
July 23, 2014
What a summer for sailing! Abundant wind this year has made it possible to sail morning to night. Even the fog has been cooperative. Lots of sailing charters with out-of-town visitors. And lots of celebrations on the water—birthday parties, anniversaries, marriage proposals. Both Wild Streak and Belle Colette have been busy showing our guests the beauty of San Francisco Bay, one of the most incredible sailing venues in the world. We’ve even had some spectacularly calm ocean sailing. We look forward to many more great sailboat adventures this season.
Captain Chuck
Mother’s Day
May 8, 2014
It seems sailing charters on SF Bay are a favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Both Wild Streak and Belle Colette are fully booked for this special occasion. It promises to be a beautiful day, and we look forward to helping make it a very memorable experience. Being together on a sailboat is a great way to promote family unity. Next month is Father’s Day. Consider honoring your father with a sailing charter on SF Bay. We sail out of both Sausalito and Alameda, convenient to whatever side of the Bay you’re on.
Captain Chuck
April Breezes
April 22, 2014
Beautiful weather for Easter weekend. Both sailboats were busy with birthday parties, family get-togethers, and even a marriage proposal—all enjoying the beauty and grandeur of a sailing charter on San Francisco Bay. The spring winds and lack of fog are making for great sailing. Visit our Facebook page for pictures of recent charters and plan to join us soon.

Captain Chuck
Beautiful Sailing
April 4, 2014
It’s early spring, and between April showers, both Belle Colette and Wild Streak have been doing spectacular sailing charters on San Francisco Bay. The winds are brisk, and the air is crystal clear, making the sights unusually vivid and three dimensional. We’ve hosted family reunions, a romantic champagne cruise, and beautiful sunset sails with the lightly scattered clouds creating a brilliant display of reds and purples as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean. We’re still seeing lots of seal pups off the shores of Sausalito as well as harbor porpoises dancing around us as we sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope you’ll join us soon to share the magic.
Captain Chuck
Happy First Day of Spring
March 20, 2014
Winter sailing on San Francisco Bay was fantastic this year, and spring promises to be even better. Seal pups abound in the Bay, especially around Sausalito. It’s so charming to see the mothers teaching their pups to swim and hunt and climb on the local float habitats. Harbor porpoises always meet us close to the Golden Gate Bridge and put on their very special type of show. Cormorants, seagulls, and pelicans are busily diving for anchovies and herring. The sunsets continue to be spectacular with the fiery red sun sinking into the horizon followed by the City and bridge lights sparkling on the Bay water. Hoping to see you soon aboard one of our two beautiful sailboats. Belle Colette and Wild Streak are ready and waiting to provide you with the sailing adventure of your dreams.
Captain Chuck
It Feels Like Spring
March 8, 2014
Between the occasional flurries of much-needed rain, San Francisco Bay Area weather has been ideal for sailing—light winds, mild temperatures. The sunset sailing has been gorgeous. And there are lots of seal pups in the Bay. Our new addition, Belle Colette, is now berthed in Alameda, which gives you the option of sailing out the estuary and approaching the Bay from a different perspective. For your convenience, she can also pick up charter passengers in San Francisco and Sausalito. It’s been a busy winter, and we’re looking forward to an even busier spring and summer.
Happy New Year!
January 2, 2014
What a great way to start the year—sunshine and light winds. Perfect for sailing on SF Bay. We have been busy throughout the holidays with family sailing events and surprise parties onboard. Lots of people have bought gift certificates for sailing charters for friends and loved ones. Wishing everyone a wonderful and prosperous 2014.
Captain Chuck
Giving Thanks
November 27, 2013
Thank you to all of our sailing customers. It’s been a great year. And the sailing continues to be spectacular as we approach winter and the holiday season. The sunset cruises are especially beautiful now that the buildings of San Francisco are decorated with holiday lights. Captain Chuck’s Charters is available for private sailing charters through the holidays and year-round, seven days a week. We also have gift certificates available so that you can share the joy of
sailing with family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Captain Chuck
Great Fall Sailing Continues
November 22, 2013
Thanksgiving is just next week, and we continue to be busy with excited customers enjoying sailing charters on San Francisco Bay. Last week, we had a marriage proposal perfectly timed while sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. The bride to be squealed so loudly, we could hear the echo off the bottom of the bridge! Sunset sails continue to be popular and last week's full moon sail was especially spectacular with crystal clear skies and city lights dancing on the bay waters. Sailing on SF bay continues to be a popular way to entertain out-of-town family visiting for the holidays, and we already have several cruises scheduled. It is always a joy to see the happiness these reunions bring.

Happy Holidays!
Captain Chuck
A Very Busy Week
October 25, 2013
The holidays are fast approaching, and fall sailing on SF Bay is spectacular. It has been a very busy October. Last week’s medical convention in San Francisco kept us chartered every day with groups of fun-loving doctors playing hooky to go sailing on San Francisco Bay. Still enjoying amazing sunset cruises. One of the great things about San Francisco Bay is that we can sail all year round.

Captain Chuck
Back to Normal
October 2, 2013
The AC races are over—congratulations to Oracle team USA—and sailing in San Francisco Bay has returned to normal. We are available for private charters seven days a week. This past week was busy with birthday parties, an anniversary celebration, and lots of visitors to the Bay Area enjoying the thrill of sailing and seeing the spectacular beauty that is unique to Sausalito and SF Bay. The sunset cruises continue to be a big attraction—each sunset is different and beautiful. I hope you’ll join us soon.
Captain Chuck
Racing Continues
September 23, 2013
The AC races are still going on. Maybe today will decide it. Who are you rooting for? We’ve had a lot of fun watching. But it will be good to get back to doing our own sailing on San Francisco Bay. Sausalito and the Bay are spectacular this time of year. I highly recommend a sunset cruise. This is the season when the sun sets just outside the Golden Gate Bridge and the view from the water is amazing.
Captain Chuck
More Sailing Adventures
August 19, 2013
This week’s sailing charters included a beautiful marriage proposal tour on Hasty Heart, a family visiting from the Netherlands, some returning locals for their annual get-together on Wild Streak, and a 40th anniversary celebration. And of course sailing charters on San Francisco Bay continue to be a most exciting way to watch the America’s Cup races. Adding to the excitement, these AC boats appear to be a little bit too fragile for the sailing conditions on San Francisco Bay. For example, during the race yesterday, one of the boats lost all hydraulic power and was drifting uncontrolled among the crowd of observers for several minutes.
Captain Chuck
Another Great Week on SF Bay
August 12, 2013
Lots of great sailing charters on the Bay. We hosted two photo shoots on Wild Streak this week, had an eight-hour ocean sail with a lovely group from Germany and Austria, did a picture perfect marriage proposal tour on Wednesday (she said yes), and of course, we attended the America’s Cup Louis Vuitton races. Got some great close-up shots of the AC boats parading around the Bay further testing their skills. Artemis is now out of the game. Luna Rossa and Emirates New Zealand will be competing for the right to challenge the Oracle team. Hope you’ll be joining us.
Captain Chuck
Sailing on San Francisco Bay
August 5, 2013
Two anniversary parties this week along with a friends reunion, a birthday celebration, a wonderful family visiting from India, and lots of AC race action. Artemis didn’t join the races yet, as we were hoping they would, but we did get to see them practicing. Click here to see video clips we’ve taken of the America’s Cup races and practices during some of our sailing charters. And keep checking back—we’ll be posting more. San Francisco Bay is a great place to be this summer. And a great place to sail any time.
Captain Chuck
Tons of Fun
July 29, 2013
I took out a group last night that was a combination law-school graduation and birthday party. Lots of good food and three bottles of champagne. Sailing charters in San Francisco Bay are indeed a great way to celebrate any occasion. This past week we had a lovely family visiting from Germany. Each of the three children took a turn at the helm and had fun sailing the boat. We also sailed with some returning customers and had several sunset charters and a marriage proposal tour. We have continued to be out there to observe the excitement of every America’s Cup race. Tomorrow, we hope to see Artemis racing for the first time, which will add to the thrill of the competition. Hope to sail with you soon.
Captain Chuck
Summer in Sausalito
July 22, 2013
Sailing charters on San Francisco Bay continue to be an exciting way to see the America’s Cup races. We have been there for every race so far. Even the one-boat challenges are exciting to watch. These boats are spectacular in action. In addition to the races, we have been busy with sunset charters, birthday surprises, anniversary celebrations, bachelorette parties, reunions, sunset sailing charters, and out-of-town visitors taking in the sights. If you are going to be near Sausalito, give us a call.
Captain Chuck
More Great Sailing
July 8, 2013
We had a great week. Both boats were busy. The 4th of July fireworks show on San Francisco Bay was spectacular as always. We had a bachelorette party on Wild Streak, 2 anniversary parties, a birthday party, and many other sailboat charters. Plus, the America’s Cup races started this week. The Emirates boat reached 49 mph on one of its runs through the race course on Sunday! We were there to watch. Join us soon.
Captain Chuck
What’re the Odds?
June 25, 2013
It was a fun week of parties on board. Coincidentally, we had two groups with a mother and son celebrating their mutual birthdays complete with champagne and chocolate cake. And what better way to say Happy Birthday than with a private sailing charter on San Francisco Bay? Our sailboats were busy all week with people enjoying the spectacular weather and taking in all the sights that SF Bay has to offer—the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the San Francisco and Sausalito city lines, Angel Island, the Marin Headlands, and more. The 4th of July is coming soon along with the start of the America’s Cup races. It’s going to be a big summer on the Bay. Hope you’ll be joining us.
Captain Chuck
Great Sailing Continues
June 1, 2013
As we approach the first day of summer, the weather and the sailing on San Francisco Bay continue to be spectacular. In addition to the usual wildlife on the Bay, we have been privileged to observe the America’s Cup teams practicing in their shiny new boats. These practices offer us the unique opportunity to get very close to these amazing sailboats—sometimes within 25 feet—something we could never do during an actual race. This has added an extra degree of excitement to our very busy week of sailing charters for family reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries, and entertaining out-of-town guests.
Captain Chuck
A Perfect Sunset Sail
May 23, 2013
I couldn’t have asked for more ideal conditions or circumstances. Last night’s sunset charter was one of those experiences that make me so glad to be in this business. The passengers consisted of a husband, wife, their son, and his fiancé. It was the father’s birthday; the son had graduated from the Coast Guard Academy earlier in the day; and wedding bells are only two weeks away. In addition, the weather was clear, the winds were light, and the near-full moon was sparkling on the water. It was an honor to be chosen to be part of this very special day.
Captain Chuck
Almost Summer
May 6, 2014
It was a busy weekend of sailing on San Francisco Bay. Our charters included morning ash scatterings, evening sunset cruises, and exciting afternoon adventures. We entertained guests from the other side of the world and the other side of town. Having longer days means more hours to enjoy the beauty and thrill of sailing. We have a lot of excitement to look forward to this summer with the America’s Cup races being held in San Francisco Bay. Hope you plan to be a part of the fun.
Captain Chuck
Even Better
April 18, 2013
I know they say you shouldn’t talk about the weather, but this weather is so spectacular, it deserves mention. The sky is blue; the air is clear; and the winds are light in the morning and brisk in the afternoon allowing you to have your choice of a mellow sail or an exciting adventure. Sailing on San Francisco Bay is always spectacular, and every excursion is unique. Sailboat charters continue to be a favorite way to entertain friends, visiting family, and business associates and a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Last week we had a variety of birthday, anniversary, and corporate charters including a team building event and picnic on Angel Island. We’ve also been getting some very close-up views of the America’s Cup boats as they practice in preparation for the races coming up this summer. Since they are not actually racing, we have been able to get within 50 feet of these spectacular vessels.
Spring Sailing
April 4, 2013
It’s a beautiful time of year for sailing on San Francisco Bay. The afternoon winds are more consistent, enabling us to sail farther and faster. And the days are longer, giving us more time to see everything the Bay has to offer. On recent trips, we have seen harbor seals, sea lions, and harbor porpoises along with seagulls and pelicans. Last weekend, we had sailboat charters for a book club, a family reunion, sunset cruises, and more. Opening Day on the Bay is coming up—April 28th. This is the official start of boating season in San Francisco Bay. There will be lots of activity including the blessing of the fleet from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM and the decorated boat parade beginning at noon. We will be out there. Plan to join us.
Great Sailing Continues
March 8, 2013
Sailing on San Francisco Bay continues to be a favorite activity for both tourists and local residents. This past week, we had another successful marriage proposal tour and a very exciting trip out the Golden Gate with some unexpected high winds. The days are getting longer; the weather’s getting warmer. Daylight savings time starts this weekend, so there will be even more time for having fun on a sailboat on the Bay.
Captain Chuck
Can You Believe This Weather?
February 21, 2013
The sky is clear; the trees are in bloom; and romance is in the air. What could be more romantic than sailing on San Francisco Bay? We had some amazing sailing charters this past week. The wind and the ambiance were perfect for our Valentine’s Day cruises. In addition, there was a marriage proposal complete with champagne and roses. We also had a corporate event that included two sailboats and a full day of fun.
Captain Chuck
A Great January
January 29, 2013
It’s been a great month on San Francisco Bay with many beautifully clear winter days and light to moderate winds. Sailing charters included everything from ash scatterings to entertaining important corporate clients. Sunday both sailboats were out and even got to race with each other as they headed under the Golden Gate Bridge and back into the Bay. Just to keep everybody happy, we’re calling it a draw. Best to all.
Captain Chuck
Happy New Year
January 16, 2013
The year is getting off to a great start. We’ve had beautiful sailing charters on San Francisco Bay with great north winds resulting in crystalline skies and gorgeous views. We’ve had several corporate charters as well as a promotional photo shoot with a fun-loving group of attorneys. The weather people are promising more clear skies and a warming trend, which will make for more wonderful sailing. Hope you’ll join us soon.
Captain Chuck
Over the Hump
December 28, 2012
The winter solstice is behind us, and the days are getting longer. That means more time for sailing on SF Bay. This time of year, the sun sets right beyond the Golden Gate Bridge creating a spectacular display that can only be seen by boat. Many of our long-time sailing charter customers return for this very special experience. We hope that it will be a wonderful New Year for you and yours. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Captain Chuck
Good Sailing Weather Has Returned
December 11, 2012
After some needed rain, the air in San Francisco Bay is sparkling clean and the sights even more vivid and beautiful than usual. The lighted boat parade in Sausalito was spectacular. Many people are entertaining family and friends visiting for the holidays by showing them the magic of sailing on San Francisco Bay. We hope you are enjoying this special season.
A Lovely Thanksgiving Holiday
November 26, 2012
We were fortunate to have spectacular weather over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some of the highlights: Thanksgiving morning a group of students visiting from Poland sailed with us on Hasty Heart, and it couldn’t have been more beautiful on SF Bay. Friday we had a lovely family of three on Wild Streak, and it was great fun giving sailing lessons to five-year-old Lorenzo. Saturday we had a family reunion onboard and sailed out under the bridge and up along the coast with perfect winds and mild seas.
Best wishes to all,
Captain Chuck
Happy Thanksgiving
November 19, 2012
This week’s extreme tides provided us with some exciting sailing adventures. Seems things are always changing on San Francisco Bay. We sailed with guests from various parts of the country—hearty souls who didn’t let a little rain interfere with their fun. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. We will be sailing Thanksgiving morning then taking a break to enjoy time with family and friends. The rest of the week we will be providing San Francisco Bay sailing charters as usual. Captain Chuck’s Charters wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Sailing into Winter
November 12, 2012
The days are shorter, but we’re still sailing. This past week we had corporate charters, family reunions on the Bay, an anniversary, and a number of sunset cruises. The evenings have been particularly clear making for spectacular sunsets. Because the sun is moving south this time of year, it is visible directly beyond the Golden Gate Bridge creating a fiery display as it sinks into the Pacific Ocean. This is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year in Sausalito and San Francisco Bay.
October on the Bay
October 24, 2012
It’s been a beautiful month for sailing. We continue to have lots of out-of-town visitors and a lot of families scattering the ashes of loved ones. Mornings and evenings are perfect for ash scatterings—the calm water and soft light provide a lovely ambiance. The daytime weather has been quite nice and promises to stay that way for awhile.
SF Bay Sailing
October 17, 2012
Sailing on SF Bay is fantastic this time of year. The fog is gone; the winds are light and consistent; and the sunsets under the Golden Gate Bridge are magnificent. Sailing out of Sausalito, we are seeing lots of seals, pelicans, seagulls, and even an occasional porpoise. What better way to entertain visiting family and friends than by taking them sailing on San Francisco Bay.
Hope you’ll join us soon.
Captain Chuck
An Exciting Weekend of Sailing on San Francisco Bay
October 10, 2012
Both boats were busy with the Blue Angels show and the America’s Cup sailboat races this past weekend. We sailed with both new passengers and returning regulars. Sausalito is the perfect starting point for sailing on the Bay, especially during these special events. Captain Jim, who was sailing with one of our groups on Wild Streak, got some spectacular pictures of both shows. Look for them on our Facebook page.
Indian Summer
October 1, 2012
Birthday parties, anniversary parties, end-of-summer parties, newlyweds – we had a full week of celebrations. This week’s sailing on SF Bay was spectacular. Sailing along the Sausalito shoreline is gorgeous: plenty of seals, harbor porpoises, pelicans, and incredible views of Belvedere and Angel Island. Charter one of our beautiful yachts and see it for yourself.
Fair winds to you all,
Captain Chuck
Beautiful San Francisco Bay
September 24, 2012
What spectacular weather we’ve been having. Sailing on SF Bay is perfect right now. This past week we sailed with guests from the Bay Area and other places nearby as well as from the East Coast and as far away as Sweden. We did a sailing-on-the-Bay photo shoot for a Sausalito caviar company. And we had an array of sailing charters for birthday parties and anniversaries. If you are thinking about sailing out to watch the San Francisco Bay Blue Angels show/America’s Cup trials, we have just one spot still available. Hope you’re having a lovely week. Till next time, Captain Chuck
Autumn Sailing
September 18, 2012
As fall approaches, sailing on San Francisco Bay becomes more and more spectacular. The light is softer; the winds are steadier; and the temperatures are very comfortable. We had several birthday parties this past week, and several more are scheduled for the coming week. Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge is a great way to celebrate! Fleet week is coming soon along with more America’s Cup racing. We will be on the water watching the Blue Angels—always a great show.
September 12, 2012
I am fortunate to have been sailing on SF Bay with a charter when last week’s spectacular rainbow appeared. I hope you got to see it. It is a sight I will not forget. This past week was a busy one. San Francisco sailing is extra special this time of year. Many of our guests this week were local families entertaining visitors from out of town. Some were celebrating special events—a marriage proposal, birthday, anniversary. One was a wedding gift. Others were just enjoying being together in the unique ambiance of our beautiful bay.
SF Bay Events
September 4, 2012
The AC races are over – for now. And it’s back to SF Bay sailing as usual. Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Our boats were busy all week with vacationing families, corporate charters, birthday parties, anniversaries. Friends keep saying to me, “You spend your all your time sailing – you call that work?” I must say, it’s hard to complain. I meet the nicest people and see the most beautiful scenery every day. Fleet Week is coming up in October. The Blue Angels Air Show is scheduled for October 5th, 6th, and 7th. It’s always spectacular, especially from the water.
Race Week
August 27, 2012
Did you get to see the America’s Cup races? Lots of wind most of the week to keep them moving and make it exciting. Sailing on San Francisco Bay is always unpredictable. We were busy this week with late summer sailing. Lots of travelers from places like England and Texas and South America. We had several birthday parties onboard and a couple of wedding anniversaries. And a few old friends came back to sail with us again. As fall approaches, we should see less fog and milder weather. A perfect time for sailing charters.
Everybody Loves to Sail
August 13, 2012
Another glorious week on San Francisco Bay. Sailing from Sausalito, we found beautiful conditions going both north toward Angel Island and south toward SF and the Golden Gate Bridge. We had lots of families with kids out for one last exciting adventure before school starts, travelers from as far away as Germany and Russia, and even a rock star. The weather was so nice, some of our passengers jumped in and went for a swim in a lovely warm cove of Angel Island. The America’s Cup trials are coming, August 21-26. We’ll be out there watching right next to the race course.
Bay Sailing
August 6, 2012
What an incredible week. No need to travel the world. It seems like the world is coming to Sausalito to sail on San Francisco Bay. This past week we entertained guests from around the globe. We had surprise birthday parties, marriage proposals, anniversary celebrations, family groups, friends reuniting. A private sailboat charter is the perfect way to spend quality time together.
Midsummer Sailing
July 31, 2012
Lots of out-of-town guests this week for sailing on SF Bay. The weather continues to be perfect. We had another marriage proposal—she said yes—a ladies-night-out sunset sailing cruise (an exceptionally fun group), and many vacationers wanting to experience the wonders of San Francisco Bay sailing. We had groups from Texas, India, Taiwan, New York—we even had some local San Franciscans who had never before been on the Bay. What a fun and busy week.
Fair winds,
Captain Chuck
Babies Onboard
July 23, 2012
I am always amazed at the way events seem to trend. Even when it comes to sailing on San Francisco Bay. This week’s theme was babies – from little ones toddling around or carried in their mother’s arms to even littler ones soon to make their debut. And in case you were wondering, most kids seem to love sailing. The motion of the water and the abundant fresh air are somehow both exciting and soothing. Thanks for sailing with us, kids. Have a great summer.
Hands Across the Water
July 16, 2012
It was a week of international visitors. Sailing San Francisco Bay is a special treat for travelers from other parts of the world, and we are so happy to be able to show them the special beauty they can see nowhere else. This past week we sailed with a guest from Singapore who couldn’t return home without first taking an excursion on our unique bay waters. It was also our honor to take out a honeymooning couple from Ireland for champagne and sailing at sunset. What could be more romantic than watching the sun go down behind the Golden Gate Bridge while the lights come on in the City and across the bay. How lucky we are to live in such a spectacular place.
More Sailing
July 9, 2012
This week’s sailing on SF Bay has truly been an adventure. Great winds! And just enough fog to remind us that this is San Francisco Bay. One of our passengers even wrote a prose poem about his sailing experience. I hope to be able to share his words with you soon. (Just waiting for permission.) Our boats were full all week with groups of family and friends including two anniversary celebrations, two birthday parties, and a fourth of July marriage proposal. Congratulations to the happy couple! I hope you got to see the fireworks. They were spectacular as always.
Thank you
July 2, 2012
If it is truly the customers that make a business great, then Captain Chuck’s Charters must be the best sailing charter business on San Francisco Bay. Our customers are definitely the best! This past week we took out passengers from all across the country—New York, Texas, Arizona, to mention just a few. It is the traveling time of year, and sailing on SF Bay is one of those things you must do when visiting the Bay Area. How else will you get to view the Golden Gate Bridge from underneath while gliding silently beside a school of dolphins? Yes, it was another amazing week in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers.
It’s Definitely Sailing Season
June 25, 2012
There is no rest this time of year—and that’s the way I like it! Sailing on San Francisco Bay is fantastic—steady winds, comfortable temperatures, and lots of daylight. These long days are perfect for light morning cruises, brisk afternoon adventures, and beautiful sunset sails. We took out several birthday parties this past week, a couple of anniversary celebrations, quite a few family groups, and sunset cruises almost every night. Fair winds and following seas to all.
Life Is Good
June 18, 2012
It’s a good thing I love to sail on San Francisco Bay – I’ve been doing a lot of it lately! We are into the regular pattern of summer weather – several days of sunshine followed by a few days of cooling fog in the mornings and evenings. This cycle keeps it from getting too hot, keeps the wind in our sails, and makes every sailing excursion a new adventure. This past week we entertained an R&B star, had a romantic anniversary sail, sailed with an annually returning group of doctors celebrating the completion of another year of residency. Thank you all for choosing Captain Chuck’s Charters!
Sunshine. Blue sky. Moderate winds. SF Bay sailing is perfect.
June 11, 2012
It was another great week of sailing on San Francisco Bay. We had two surprise parties, locals entertaining guests from out of town, a visitor from the Ukraine, and several return customers. The days are long now—more hours for sailing. The sunset sails have been beautiful with clear skies and very light winds. And earlier this week, a spectacular full moon sparkling on the Bay.
Great Sailing Continues
June 4, 2012
Sailing on San Francisco Bay continues to be wonderful. The weather has been great; the winds have been perfect. Lots of people chartering our sailboats to entertain visiting friends and relatives. We saw some amazing aircraft carriers last weekend as part of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th birthday celebration. Sailing close to them is an awe-inspiring experience. They are enormous. Don’t forget, the America’s Cup trials will be starting later this summer. We look forward to taking you out to the race line to see the action.
Till next time,
Captain Chuck
Happy Memorial Day!
May 28, 2012
It was a great week of sailing on SF Bay. We had surprise birthday parties, vacationing families, anniversary celebrations, ash scatterings, and of course, the grand finale – the 75th Birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hasty Heart and Wild Streak were both out to watch the fireworks – what a spectacular display! In the afternoon, we had onboard a woman who was celebrating her 75th birthday – born on the day the Golden Gate Bridge opened. It certainly was a surprise when a sky writing plane flew over and spelled out “Happy 75th Birthday” while we were sailing. (We planned it that way, of course.) What better way to celebrate than with a sailing charter on San Francisco Bay.
Spring Sailing in the Bay
May 21, 2012
Another busy week of sailing on SF Bay. We had a wedding onboard Wild Streak with Captain Chuck officiating. Our best wishes to the lovely young couple. We also entertained a number of guests who were escaping the heat of Arizona by experiencing the pleasant winds of San Francisco Bay, took out a couple celebrating their seventh anniversary with a sunset cruise, and shared the helm with a quick-learning group who had chartered one of our yachts for sailing lessons on the Bay. Memorial Day weekend is coming up – hope it’s a great one for all of you.
Another Great Week of Sailing
May 14, 2012
More great sailing on SF Bay this past week. Great winds and weather. We had a very lively bachelor party on Hasty Heart and yet another successful marriage proposal on Wild Streak. Glad to see that romance never goes out of style. Sailing charters on San Francisco Bay also continue to be a great way to entertain out-of-town guests. Show them the wonders of sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge as well as around San Francisco, Alcatraz, and Angel Island.
By the Light of the Super Moon
May 7, 2012
What a beautiful setting for a marriage proposal—sailing on San Francisco Bay under the rising moon. And not just any moon. It was a spectacular warm evening, and the full moon was in perigee, ie, at its closest approach to earth. It doesn’t get much more magical than that. Not surprisingly, she said yes. (It probably also had something to do with the nice gentleman who was asking.) It was a great week all around. Both Wild Streak and Hasty Heart were busy with Cinco de Mayo celebrations, birthday parties, and out-of-town guests. We were privileged to see a whale swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge as we were sailing back into SF Bay from an ocean adventure.
We’re Having a Heat Wave
April 23, 2012
Well, we had a heat wave for a couple of days, at least. And sailing on SF Bay was glorious! Perfect, in fact, for the marriage proposal cruise we took out on Saturday. I’m sure it is a predictor of a long and happy life together for the young couple. Spring is such an exciting time of year. Besides the marriage proposal, we had a lively bachelorette party, two anniversary celebrations, and a variety of out-of-town guests. We are looking forward to the official Opening Day of sailing season on Sunday, April 29 and the America’s Cup trials, which will begin this summer.
A Very Busy Week
April 16, 2012
Plenty of wind and clearing skies meant lots of San Francisco Bay sailing this past week. Both boats were very busy with charters for anniversary celebrations, birthday celebrations, corporate sailing events, and ash scatterings at sea. The Bay is teeming with life; pelicans, seals, seagulls, and dolphins abound. It is a spectacular beginning to what promises to be a wonderful year of sailing on SF Bay. Don’t forget, the opening day ceremonies for sailing season (always a joyous event) are coming up soon.
Whales in the Bay
March 19, 2012
What an amazing experience—while performing an ash scattering we saw a baby gray whale swimming in the Bay between the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island. I have noticed that whales and dolphins often come to pay their respects during ash scatterings. They add a very special ambience to the event.
The weather added an extra dimension of excitement to our sailing charters this past week. We had both high wind adventures and calm, quiet sails. San Francisco Bay has something for every kind of sailor.
She Said Yes!
March 15, 2012
There is nothing like a romantic private sailing charter on San Francisco Bay to elicit an enthusiastic YES! in response to your well thought out marriage proposal. Whether you choose a sunny afternoon or a fiery sunset cruise, the ambience of sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge will make it a moment to remember—and tell your grandchildren about. This past week, another lovely young couple became engaged on our sailboat. Congratulations, Garrett and Agatha!
From Captain Chuck
Sailing, Sailing …
March 5, 2012
Another great week of sailing in San Francisco Bay, including two birthday parties and an anniversary cruise. Wild Streak and Hasty Heart were both busy. Weather on the weekend was in the mid-70’s and clear as a bell. The views were breathtaking; the passengers were thrilled. Looking forward to sailing with you soon.
Amazing Sea Life
February 20, 2012
Following some years of struggle, San Francisco Bay is once again buzzing with marine life. White birds blanket the water like snow. Schools of silvery fish break the surface and jump in unison. Pelicans dive for their dinner. Seals perform mating rituals. The music and beauty of nature surround us as we sail past. It is an extraordinary experience and one not to be missed. Spring comes early at the Golden Gate. And though I’ve lived here all my life, it is always a wonderful surprise.
Happy Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2012
Did you see the full moon last week? It was spectacular sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun set and the moon rose. We had some wonderful sailing charters on San Francisco Bay this past week including several birthday parties. Our youngest sailor of the week was a little guy named Jace who was there helping us celebrate his mom’s birthday. The weather continues to be beautiful most days, making for excellent sailing. To all of you who have sailed with us
More Great Sailing Weather
February 7, 2012
We sailed with a wonderful group visiting from England this past weekend—another great birthday sailing cruise. The weather was perfect—crystal clear skies, 15 knot winds. Cameras were clicking as we passed under the Golden Gate Bridge. Everyone eagerly took a turn sailing the boat. And it seems there’s more beautiful San Francisco Bay weather on the way. Come on out and enjoy it with us.
Wishing you fair skies and following seas,
Captain Chuck
Exceptional Sailing
January 25, 2012
We had some great sailing adventures these past two weeks. Most notably, we took out a lovely family with three great young children who had never sailed before. They all had fun taking the helm and getting the feel of the wind in the sails. We also celebrated a thirtieth birthday onboard with a fun group of young people visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. And the clear weather provided us with some spectacular sunset cruises.
Full Moon is Tonight
January 9, 2012

Happy New Year! What gorgeous weather we have been having—perfect for winter sailing on San Francisco Bay. And perfect for watching the full moon rise as the sun sets just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. We had an amazing view of the nearly full moon during last night’s sunset sail with just a few wispy high clouds producing spectacular red highlights in the sky. We are also experiencing some of the most dramatic tides of the year which produce fascinating currents and whirlpools as we sail out the gate. What a great way to start the year.
The Days are Getting Longer
December 27, 2011
We have passed the winter solstice and spring is on the way. I know, we still have a few months of winter, but in the San Francisco Bay Area, January and February can be quite lovely, thanks to the bay itself which keeps our temperatures fairly mild. Many people have asked me lately if it is too cold now for sailing on San Francisco Bay. We have been out almost every day (even Christmas) and the great thing is, we have the Bay mostly to ourselves. It’s a good idea to put on a few extra layers, and then be prepared for a gloriously smooth sail. We’ve been doing a lot of sunset cruises (this time of year they are early enough to do before dinner) and the holiday lights are spectacular. In a few days, it will be 2012. May the New Year bring abundant joy to your life.
In a Holiday Mood
December 12, 2011
From holiday office parties to fashion model photo shoots, we are sailing through this busy season. The weather has been amazingly cooperative for sailing on SF Bay. It is a wonderful time for an early evening sunset cruise. In addition to the regular lights of the bridge and city, the colorful holiday decorations create a spectacular sight. And with the sun setting so early, you can be home in time for dinner. It has also been a big week for sailing gift certificates—a wonderful way to give the gift of sailing to friends and family. Whatever you may be celebrating this season, I wish you all the best.
Happy Thanksgiving!
November 22, 2011
The holidays are upon us and it is still lovely sailing in SF Bay. We did a number of charters this week: several ash scatterings, a honeymoon cruise, a couple of birthday parties, and even a few sunset cruises. The brisk air makes for an invigorating experience. I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of our customers for making this such a wonderful business to be in. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Sailing!
Spectacular Fall Sailing
November 14, 2011
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it continues to be great sailing on SF Bay. Year-round mild weather is one of the wonderful things about the San Francisco Bay Area. We participated in a corporate team-building event this week that involved a three-boat race, lots of happy people, and a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. We had a couple of birthday parties onboard—just one of the great reasons for a private sailing charter. And we had visitors from as far away as France—a retired French Navy officer and his family—who were overjoyed to sail out under the Golden Gate Bridge. We look forward to many more exciting sailing adventures over the holidays.
Dolphins in the Bay
November 1, 2011
We saw lots of sea life in the Bay this past week—dolphins, seagulls, pelicans, terns, seals. As we head into Thanksgiving, the weather continues to be spectacular—exceptional for sailing on SF Bay. This week we had two daytime birthday celebrations, one sunset cruise birthday celebration, and an anniversary that included the happy couple’s three-month-old infant. And as proof that sailing is not just for the young, we had a charter with two lovely ninety-year-olds onboard who thoroughly enjoyed sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge and back over to Angel Island. Sailing is truly an experience for all.
Till next time,
Captain Chuck
Great Sailing on SF Bay
October 21, 2011
We had another fun week of sailing charters including an anniversary celebration and sunset marriage proposals on both Hasty Heart and Wild Streak. On Wednesday, we had the privilege of sharing in a lovely ash scattering offshore from Point Bonita Lighthouse. It was also our honor to be chosen to view the rising moon from the bay with two couples participating in a beautiful Karva Chauth observance. We have been experiencing some of the best weather the Bay Area has to offer: warm days, cool nights, mostly clear skies with just enough fog to give us that San Francisco ambiance. Perfect for a spectacular sailing adventure.
Till next time,
Captain Chuck
It’s Columbus Day
October 10, 2011
What a busy weekend! San Francisco Bay was the sight of the Blue Angels air show this past week. And, as usual, it was a spectacular event. It was our privilege to sail with both old friends and new guests. The weather was cooperative most of the time—a little high fog but quite pleasant. It’s a great time of year for sailing on SF Bay. And for those who care to venture outside the gate, it’s a perfect time to combine sailing with whale watching. Plan to join us soon.
Captain Chuck
Here Come the Blue Angels
October 5, 2011
It’s Fleet Week and sailing on San Francisco Bay is the best way to see the spectacular ships and air shows. The sights and sounds are amazing. We look forward to being out there. This past week was a busy one with lots of people taking advantage of the balmy fall weather. We had an extremely unique and romantic marriage proposal cruise. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! Lots of good weather left for sailing charters in SF Bay. Hope to see you soon.
Happy sailing!
Captain Chuck
Welcome Fall!
September 19, 2011
The first day of fall is this week. In the San Francisco Bay Area this means the best sailing weather of the year. The fog backs off, the days tend to be clear and warm, the breezes are consistent and moderate. If you’ve ever thought about a sailing charter on San Francisco Bay, this is a great time for it. This past week we entertained guests from Ireland, Scotland, Florida, and Kansas. We had another wonderful marriage proposal (we have a 100% success rate!). We had two birthday parties and a beautiful anniversary sunset cruise. And many groups simply enjoying sailing on the Bay. Hasty Heart sailed to the Farallon Islands for a spectacular whale-watching voyage. Looking forward to another week of great weather and wonderful sailing on San Francisco Bay.
Captain Chuck
September 5, 2011
Hard to believe it’s September already. We’ve had an amazing summer of sailing on the bay and look forward to an even more amazing fall. This time of year means more consistent winds, less fog, moderate temps. We’ll be sailing every day. Hope you’ll join us. This past week we had a number of sailing charters that took us out into the ocean. It’s always such a thrill and always a different experience. We had two marriage proposals (they both said yes), a birthday celebration, and lots of sunset cruises. Hasty Heart made another beautiful whale-watching trip to the Farallon Islands. Both boats will be sailing today. A great way to spend the holiday.
Till next week,
Captain Chuck
August 30, 2011
We had some morning fog this past week, so typical of San Francisco Bay in the summer. And such a beautiful sight, cascading over the mountaintops like a waterfall. It adds a special dimension to sailing on SF Bay, a quiet, sometimes eerie feel. Then it clears and off we go with blue sky and the welcome warmth of the sun. Both boats were busy all week sailing with lots of fun groups, both local folks and visitors from as far away as Chile and Argentina. It’s a great time of year for a private sailing charter on the bay.
Till next time,
Captain Chuck
August 23, 2011
Isn’t it funny how things happen in waves? Almost every sailing charter we took out this past week was celebrating a birthday. One was a combination birthday/reunion: friends who had known each other for forty years, getting together again for a sailing adventure on San Francisco Bay. Another group included a professional photographer who spent most of his time on the foredeck getting some spectacular pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz as well as the magnificent sea life of SF Bay including dolphins which are swimming in our waters again. What a gorgeous sight they are! I hope to share some of these great pictures on the website soon.
August 16, 2011
Another busy week of sailing on San Francisco Bay with spectacular weather and visitors from all over the globe. Had a mother from New Orleans who had learned to sail when she was twenty and wanted to give her daughter the same experience. The daughter was a natural. She steered the boat all the way across SF Bay, from Sausalito to San Francisco. On another charter we had a four-year-old at the helm (with supervision, of course). Not quite as adept at handling the boat but she sure looked cute trying. Another couple redeemed their sailing gift certificate for a sunset cruise—brought along a group of friends and had a great time.
July 25, 2011
The San Francisco tourist season is in full swing. This week we had sailing charters with customers from Brazil, Ontario, and Texas as well as another romantic marriage proposal tour. (She said yes!) In addition to lots of sailing in San Francisco Bay, Wild Streak made two ocean voyages and Hasty Heart took another group to the Farallones. We couldn’t have asked for better weather—blue sky, warm temps, perfect sailing winds, and just enough fog to create spectacular Golden Gate Bridge photo opps. This truly is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world.
July 18, 2011
It’s been a whirlwind of activity. We’ve been out every day, enjoying the temperate SF Bay sailing weather. Occasional visits from the famous San Francisco fog added a special dimension to our sailing adventures. This past week we had marriage proposals, ash scatterings, birthday celebrations, and tourists from Holland, Germany, and Canada. Seems like everyone wants to experience the thrill of sailing on SF Bay.
July 4, 2011
Happy 4th of July! What a spectacular week we’ve had—warm temps, great winds, fantastic sailing on SF Bay. Both boats were busy all week. Seems like everybody’s getting the sailing bug. Lots of people using their sailing gift certificates now that the great weather is here. Both sailboats are going out to watch the fireworks tonight, and tomorrow we’ll be sailing Hasty Heart in the ocean on a coastal cruise. Happy Birthday to our nation! Have a safe and joyous celebration.
June 27, 2011
It was another week of amazing sailing weather on SF Bay. A little morning fog for ambience, then warm and sunny afternoons and plenty of wind to make it fun. Had a great time sailing with a bachelor party celebrating the first in their group to get married. Some real adventurers! They took the helm and steered us out the gate for a wild time on Wild Streak. Hasty Heart made a fun journey to the Farallones on Saturday with a local meet-up group. Looks like we might have a few showers coming up mid-week then a nice warming trend starting on Thursday and more beautiful weather for the 4th of July weekend. We will be out there celebrating. If you’d like to be on the water for the fireworks, give us a call.
June 20, 2011
Tomorrow is the first day of summer and both the weather and the sailing have been spectacular. These superb conditions are expected to continue so if you’ve ever thought about a sailing charter on San Francisco Bay, now is the time. It’s been a busy, busy week. Father’s Day weekend saw both boats working overtime with both out-of-town visitors and local families celebrating their wonderful fathers. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions—blue sky, warm temps, great winds. Did you catch a glimpse of the Oracle boats out there practicing? What amazing racing machines! Took Hasty Heart out the gate with a group of international executives. Everybody got a turn at the helm; the winds were fantastic; obtained incredible sailing speeds. Hope to take you out there soon.
June 13, 2011
Starting today at 1:00 PM, the Oracle Racing Team will be testing the new AC45 Catamarans on San Francisco Bay. This amazing fixed-wing catamaran reaches speeds of up to 35 mph. You can see these boats from the water on one of our luxury yachts as they fly by during these racing trials. Both Wild Streak and Hasty Heart are available for private charter to watch this spectacular event. Be among the first and the few to see these state-of-the-art new racing machines in action and up close.
June 6, 2011
It was hard to miss the rains this week, but between the showers we had some very mellow sailing. Even the ocean was calm. Wild Streak found nothing but smooth sailing out the gate. And the Texas couple who sailed on Hasty Heart were quite happy with the more moderate temperatures of San Francisco and the Bay. Throughout the week we enjoyed sailing under billowy white clouds that looked like marshmallows in the patches of blue sky and turned to beautiful shades of pink and red at sunset. Not many other boats out so it felt like the displays were just for us. It looks like the coming week will usher in clearing skies and warmer temperatures—just in time for a summer of fantastic sailing charters on San Francisco Bay.
See you soon,
Captain Chuck
May 30, 2011
No doldrums this week. We’ve had some amazing late spring sailing weather. Celebrated a fifteenth wedding anniversary aboard Wild Streak with champagne and sushi and fun for all. Passengers aboard Hasty Heart enjoyed another spectacular evening potluck sail. And Memorial Day weekend was filled with back-to-back tours. In addition to many locals, we had guests from New York, New Orleans, and Dublin. Overall, conditions made it a great week of sailing charters on SF Bay. Looking forward to continued great weather and happy passengers.
May 22, 2011
Our romantic theme continued this week with more marriage proposals onboard Wild Streak. I was so inspired, I took a bouquet of roses home to my wife. We had some beautiful weather, moderate winds, clear skies interrupted with occasional cloud formations that added spectacular red highlights to the sunsets. Hasty Heart ended the week with a fun-filled evening potluck, enjoying the same great weather and breathtaking ambiance. It’s the perfect time of year for sailing; the days are long allowing the choice of morning, afternoon, or evening sailing charters.
Wishing you fair winds and following seas,
Captain Chuck
It’s Spring!
May 16, 2011
Spring has sprung and romance is in the air! This past week was one of marriage proposals onboard and honeymooners sailing in the lush beauty of San Francisco Bay. What a spectacular way to celebrate the beginning of a life together. From sparkling days to lavish sunsets, mild breezes to the excitement of brisk winds, we had it all this week and our romantic couples toasted to their futures in style. Add to that a group of six rugged commercial fishermen from Alaska, enjoying a bachelor party aboard Hasty Heart, and the theme is complete. This group took their charter outside the Gate for a thrilling sail in the bigger waves. With all their boating experience, these fishermen had never been sailing before and they found it to be a new and exciting adventure.
Till next time,
Captain Chuck
May 9, 2011
It was my honor this past week to take out a group of five highly stressed ER physicians and watch them unwind while enjoying the beautiful ambiance and serenity of sailing on San Francisco Bay. We sailed out under the Golden Gate Bridge, watched the sun set, then turned and sailed back up the San Francisco waterfront as dusk turned to dark, taking in the magic of the bridge and city lights sparkling on the water. By the time we returned to dock everyone was smiling and relaxed. I know they had a good time because the very next day one of the group called to schedule another sailing charter.
April 30, 2011
Tomorrow is Opening Day on the Bay—an annual celebration marking the start of the San Francisco Bay sailing season.
The wind has really been working for us this week. Couldn’t ask for a better combination of sun and breeze. Both boats have been busy with corporate team building charters as well as romantic sailing for two. The bay is really coming to life. We even saw a seal catching a salmon yesterday, just off of Angel Island. And birds everywhere—a very welcome sight.
As you undoubtedly already know, the America’s Cup races are coming to San Francisco Bay. The gearing up begins this year. We will keep you posted on events and activities as the information becomes available.
That’s all for now. Until next time, happy sailing!

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