Everyone knows Las Vegas by now – and of course every casino friend should have seen Sin City before. But what if casinos are not enough for a casino and you want to experience more besides gambling, such as getting to know a different culture, enjoying nature or just relaxing in a different environment? So what if you want the casino to be just part of a fulfilling vacation? For everyone there are interesting holiday destinations, but they are less well known.

Casinos themselves already have a lot more to offer than just pure gambling. For many people, playing in the evening is just a little pastime alongside the many other attractions that casinos and their surroundings have to offer. From wellness oases to cruise ships to shopping centers, casinos have a lot to offer, so that a vacation can also be worthwhile for the whole family.

In the following, we list the best casino travel destinations that, in addition to the casino experience, also provide a cultural component – there is something for everyone here.

Casino Vacation on the Celebrity Millennium Cruise

What is the best way to combine a cruise with a casino vacation? The Celebrity Millennium Cruise has the right answer. The ship’s own Celebrity Millenium Fortunes Casino invites you to play roulette , blackjack , slot machines or other gamesa – the perfect change after a long day on the high seas. The Celebrity Millennium Cruise offers various cruises all over the world, from Asia to the USA, but also some in Europe. For example, a 10-day cruise from Spain, via Greece, Turkey to Italy will be offered in mid-2020. What could be nicer than spending a little time in the casino on the high seas and then enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle and the culture and cuisine of different countries in the evening? The perfect, if not very cheap trip to travel to southern European cities by luxury steamer and relax in the casino in the evening.

Casino Vacation at Niagara Falls

Who Would Think Of Niagara Falls On A Casino Vacation? However, the fact is that Niagara Falls and the surrounding area have also turned into a casino stronghold. Vacationers can decide whether they prefer the US side with the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino or the Canadian side with the Casino Niagara and the Fallsview Casino. A wonderful boat trip in the morning to enjoy nature in its purest and most powerful form and then in the evening to test your luck at the roulette table – a perfect holiday for casino and nature lovers. In this way, Niagara can be explored from two different angles.

Casino vacation in Salzburg, Austria

If you prefer to save a little money and don’t want to travel too far, Salzburg offers just the right balance between Austrian holiday flair and modern casinos. Casino Salzburg offers everything that makes the heart of a casino lover beat faster. The casino itself is located in Schloss Kleßheim – an ideal place to combine aristocratic splendor with a walk to the casino. In addition, with its baroque buildings and elegant flair, Salzburg offers a great holiday destination for history lovers and friends of city trips – it is not for nothing that the baroque old town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Casino Vacation in Nassau, Bahamas

Who doesn’t dream of a wonderful Caribbean vacation: sun, sandy beach and hospitable people wherever you go. Anyone who would like to combine this with a successful casino vacation is in good hands at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Bathe in the sun in the morning, snorkel and just relax and play a round of blackjack in the casino in the evening. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, offers holidaymakers everything they need to relax and unwind from everyday stress.

Casino Vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (in German: Rich Coast) is one of the thirteen unincorporated areas of the United States. Also located in the Caribbean, this holiday paradise spreads a good mood with its Latin American flair, lifestyle and of course the excellent cuisine. In addition, San Juan has a lot to offer culturally, such as the music scene, the historical fortresses or the colorful architecture of the city. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and has a variety of casinos including the Ritz Carlton San Juan Casino and Spa and the Stellaris Casino. Since Puerto Rico is one of the territories of the United States, many casinos also accept US dollars. A perfect vacation to combine Latin America with nice casino evenings.

Casino vacation in Macau, China

If you follow our casino blog closely, you may have come across our last article on Macau . Macau is known as the Las Vegas of China and, in addition to a huge casino scene that dwarfs Las Vegas in terms of income, also has a very rich cultural side to offer. As a former Portuguese colony, Macau combines both European and Chinese influences, which are reflected in the architecture and the culture of the people. Macau is the perfect vacation destination for the casino lover with a soft spot for Asia.

The Best Casino Destinations

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