Intimate Ash Scatterings at Sea


The waters of the San Francisco Bay Area create a uniquely beautiful and peaceful environment in which to scatter the ashes of a loved one. Winds tend to be light at both sunrise and sunset, providing a serene setting for family and friends to say goodbye with a few final words, a song, or a moment of silence. If you prefer midday, you may watch the ashes being carried on the breeze before settling into the cool Pacific waters.


Captain Chuck’s Charters has two beautiful sailing yachts that may be reserved any day of the week for an experience that meets your needs. Ashes may be scattered in the bay, under the Golden Gate Bridge, or out along the coast. You may bring music if you wish, or flowers to toss in remembrance. Each boat can accommodate up to six passengers.


Scattering the remains of a loved one at sea is a dignified and time-honored tradition. Be assured that your beliefs and rituals will be respected and carried out to your exact specifications. Typically a two-hour journey, you may wish to add an hour or two of sailing in San Francisco Bay—time for remembering and reflecting. Whatever your preference, it will be our honor and privilege to make it happen.


You want your ash scattering at sea to be handled with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Captain Chuck’s Charters will make this a reality.


California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, Cremated Remains Disposer registration # CRD 928